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Getting in compliance with corporate laws by using Minutes Depot will save you up to $2000

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We make a difference in these situations

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    Launching a startup?

    Build your minute book yourself with our helpful wizard and save big on legal fees.

    See our startup features
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    Board member of a non-profit?

    Improve governance structure and continuity with our online Board management for as low as $9 / month.

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    Managing a corporation?

    Let our Butler service convert your minutes book to digital to make sure you are compliant.

    See our mid-size business features

Discover how you can get compliant effortlessly

Fully compliant in 3 countries

Minutes Depot already helps numerous companies in these countries to save money and get compliant with current business regulations.

Start your own minute book on Minutes Depot and keep your precious money to grow your core business.

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Let Minutes Depot get you in compliance with corporate laws for only $99

Otherwise seek legal advice immediately to become compliant before it’s too late

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